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How Safe is the miraDry® Procedure?

How Safe is the miraDry® Procedure?


For patients who suffer from excessive underarm sweat, a permanent solution like miraDry® can be very exciting. However, since the sweat glands in the underarm area are often completely eliminated during treatment, some of our patients inquire about the safety of this innovative solution.

During the miraDry® procedure, a handheld device is passed over the target area. Electromagnetic energy can heat and shut down these sweat glands permanently, while a local anesthetic ensures your comfort during treatment. Though it is true that the sweat glands in the underarm can be eliminated with miraDry®, these glands make up only about 2% of the average person’s total perspiration glands. Consequently, miraDry® should not inhibit your body’s ability to effectively remove toxins from the body and keep the body cool.

In addition, since the miraDry® treatment is non-invasive, this outpatient procedure has nearly no associated downtime. While some patients may experience temporary swelling or bruising after their treatment, any discomfort should dissipate quickly, allowing you to enjoy dry underarms even during the hottest summer months. For more info on the miraDry® procedure, please contact our office today.