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Recovery After Mohs Micrographic Surgery

mohs recovery checklist, Austin TXWhen preparing for Mohs Micrographic Surgery, one of the most important elements to understand is that the recovery process is just as essential to achieving successful results as the surgical procedure. To help you plan for this event, our trained Mohs surgeon, Dr. Adam Mamelak, explains what the healing process is typically like:

After your Mohs procedure, you may require Mohs micrographic reconstruction. In most cases, this can be performed immediately following the operation. More complicated procedures, however, may require a day or more advance planning. I will discuss the details of your approach during your initial consultation.

Once all surgeries are completed, you will be expected to follow a series of post-operative care instructions to help optimize your results. These directions typically include changing your bandages daily, keeping the wound moist, and keeping the area covered. Some patients may need specialized bandages made of silicone or infused with Vitamin E, which can help to minimize scarring. Furthermore, I always emphasize that smoking can significantly hamper the recovery process, so you should avoid this habit as much as possible while healing.

While some Mohs procedures are extensive and complex, many others require only a few stitches to repair. Even if your surgical area is small, you must still appreciate that you underwent an operation. Make sure to take it easy, get Post-Op Care, and do not exert yourself or engage in strenuous activities. You should be able to return to work quickly if the responsibilities are light.

Another concern is that scars can darken in the sun. Once you have permanently removed the bandages, you should regularly apply sunscreen to the area to help protect the scar from this occurrence.