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CoolSculpting “CoolMini” vs. Kybella For Double Chin Reduction

CoolSculpting “CoolMini” vs. Kybella For Double Chin Reduction

The double chin has become a major cosmetic concern for patients. “Submental fullness, or the bulge that accumulates under the chin can be frustrating,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert at Sanova Dermatology. “No matter what your weight, no matter how much dieting, these anatomic fat pads on the neck don’t seem to budge.”

Previously, patients had to rely on surgery and liposuction to improve the appearance of their neck. This year alone, however, a number of new and effective treatments for double chin reduction have come to fruition. “It’s definitely been a major leap forward says,” Dr. Adam Mamelak, board-certified dermatologist in Austin Texas. “Especially for those patients not interested or wanting to avoid surgery,” he continues.

The ever-hyped Kybella has been shown to effectively reduce submental fullness within a few months with long-lasting results. This minimally invasive procedure takes advantage of deoxycholic acid, an agent normally found in the body, to dissolve fat under the chin.

CoolSculpting, The procedure that literally freezes fat cells causing them to lyse and be removed naturally by the body, has now adapted its device to treat this area. The “CoolMini” hand-piece fits naturally under the chin to permanently eliminate neck fat. But which treatment is for you?

“Both treatments do not give you results overnight, explains Dr. Hanson. Kybella’s action is seeing after 4 to 6 weeks, while CoolSculpting take 6 to 8 weeks to see the full effects of the treatment. As well, a series of treatments is required with both approaches to give optimal results. “Patients in the CoolSculpting studies typically underwent two treatments, six weeks apart. In the Kybella studies, patient required 3 to 4 treatments, every four weeks.”

While both extremely effective, the different procedures might appeal to different patients.


After many years of testing and perfecting, the Kybella treatment for submental fullness was released in June of 2015. “Patients enjoy how quick and easy this procedure is. A few injections are all that’s required which literally take a couple minutes to administer, at most,” explains Dr. Mamelak. “As well, patients appreciate how each treatment is customized by mapping out their troublesome area and administering only the amount of deoxycholic acid necessary to treat their specific condition.”

The ability to see results starting about a month after their initial treatment and continuing to progress with additional sessions is also exciting for patients. “There’s no abrupt change or significant downtime, like the kind that could be seen with surgery,” notes Dr. Mamelak. Dr. Mamelak was one of the first dermatologists and skin surgeons to perform this treatment in the Austin area. The treatment is administered by a local injection into the fat pad under the chin, after the area has been numbed with topical anesthetic. The treatment area varies per patient, as does the number of treatments and amount of Kybella necessary to achieve maximum results. Some patients experience swelling and some pain immediately after the procedure, which subsides quite quickly.

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The CoolMini was announced in early October 2015, causing a stir in the world of double-chin un-enthusiasts. “Zeltiq CoolSculpting has long proven itself as an effective and reliable way to permanently eliminate unwanted fat with its minimally invasive and extremely comfortable technique,” says Dr. Hanson. “Patients familiar with CoolSculpting will be interested in this approach because they’ve seen the results it can deliver.”

The CoolMini is obviously a good option for patients who do not like or cannot tolerate injections or surgery. The treatment itself is lengthier, as each coolsculpting session takes 60 minutes. Discomfort is minimal, similar to other CoolSculpting treatments, and swelling has been reported after this procedure as well. The CoolMini handpiece is a set size and therefore not as customizable as Kybella. However the CoolMini does offer a unique ability to treat other stubborn areas on the body, including under the arms and knees.

What To Do To Say Adieu To Your Neck?

Both Kybella and the CoolMini are extremely effective treatments for the permanent elimination of submental fullness. The choice between which treatment is right for you might ultimately comes down to time, preference and which treatment you are the best candidate for.

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