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Dermatologists in Austin Detail Best Practices for Skin Cancer Prevention

Dermatologists in Austin Detail Best Practices for Skin Cancer Prevention

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Austin dermatologists Adam Mamelak, MD and Miriam Hanson, MD explain ways individuals can help reduce their chances of developing skin cancer and also provide tips for early detection.

Austin, TX — According to Austin dermatologist Dr. Adam Mamelak, Texas has some of the highest skin cancer rates in the United States. Because of this, he says it is imperative Texans take steps to protect themselves from the sun. He notes that this is especially important for those who live in the Austin area, as “[it] is known as a city that lends itself well to an outdoor lifestyle.”

Dr. Mamelak and Dr. Miriam Hanson recently kicked off a blog series to help spread awareness on ways for individuals to protect themselves and what to watch for if they are at risk of developing skin cancer. In the first post, titled, “How Can I Prevent Skin Cancer?,” Dr. Mamelak identifies some key advice for protecting oneself when outdoors, noting, “Using sunscreen daily and remembering to reapply every two hours when outdoors (more frequently if you are swimming or sweating) is one of the best strategies.”

Some of the people who are at a high risk for developing skin cancer include those with fair complexions, as well as those who reside in locations that are very sunny or have high altitudes, according to Drs. Hanson and Mamelak. The dermatologists explain that early detection of skin cancer is the best way to manage any tumors that may develop. For this reason, Dr. Hanson says she and Dr. Mamelak advise all individuals – especially those who are at a higher risk – to have their skin checked regularly. At their practice, Sanova Dermatology, free cancer screenings are offered for those who are concerned about a suspicious mole or lesion.

When asked what the most common cause of skin cancer is for his patients, Dr. Mamelak says tanning is to blame. In his blog post titled, “Tanning can Lead to Early Development of Skin Cancer,” he reveals a shocking statistic, noting that while most of his skin cancer patients in the past were older, he is now seeing “more and more melanoma in women in their early 20’s, as well as non-melanoma skin cancers developing in patients before they turn 30.” He attributes this to the trend of tanning throughout their teen years.

To combat the rising number of skin cancer rates, Dr. Hanson says in addition to taking steps to protect against overexposure to the sun, it is important to be aware of what to look for when performing skin cancer self-examinations. In “What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?,” the final installment of Sanova Dermatology’s blog series, the Austin dermatologists explain what types of warning signs are important to look for when conducting a self-examination.

Drs. Mamelak and Hanson stress the importance of regular skin cancer screenings, and urge all individuals, whether or not they are at a higher risk, to have their skin checked annually by an experienced dermatologist.

About Adam J. Mamelak, MD, FRCPC, FAAD

Dual board-certified dermatologist (United States and Canada) Dr. Mamelak specializes in skin cancer treatment with Mohs Micrographic surgery and is the founder of the very first Mohs surgery practice in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is a Fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Mamelak is also a member of several other prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Mamelak is available for interview upon request.

About Miriam L. Hanson, MD, FAAD

A graduate of Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Hanson is a board-certified dermatologist in Austin. She has actively participated in various clinical research trials in an effort to advance the treatment of a multitude of dermatological conditions. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and is a member of the Canadian Dermatological Association and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Hanson is available for interview upon request.

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