7 OMG Moments of the Morning | How to Face Your Morning Skin Care Issues

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and SOMETHING is going on with your face? Here are a few quick tips that you can use to combat those morning OMG moments!


1. Pimple Pop Up

There a few things that are quite as traumatic as having a pimple make itself known first thing in the morning. It always manages to be on the day you least want it to be there. So instead of trying to attack it with force, causing the area to be reddened, spread bacteria, and potentially scar the skin, use a q-tip to apply witch hazel. Witch Hazel is a plant extract that acts as an astringent, which dries out the area and will diffuse the angry bump.

2. Bogged Down by Bags

You’ve finally made your way out from under the warmed hibernation chamber, and glance in the mirror. BAM! Did someone punch you in your sleep? No… wait…. it’s bags under your eyes. Sometimes sleep isn’t enough to keep these fellows away! Try sticking a metal spoon in the freezer and then applying the back of the spoon to the under-eye area. This will help with calming down the inflammation, and it will probably feel quite soothing on the skin!

3. Puffy McPufferson

Along with those gorgeous bags under your eyes comes a day when your face decides to become inflated like a river raft. It’s obviously not ideal, and we can see how that would be quite alarming to deal with at the break of dawn. To help with that puffy skin, try using a refrigerated or frozen mask to calm your skin. Avoid using overly got water, as that stimulates the skin in a way that continues the swelling.

4. Don’t Be Such A Flake

We all know that there are days when even the most hydrated of skin can find a way to look scaly and dry. No matter how much you try to rid yourself of these spots, it tends to only make the matters worse. You should make sure that you are very gentle with your skin, opting for cool or warm water when washing the face. Also, avoid using any toners or astringents that may further dry out your face. Apply a good amount of moisturizer on, especially if it’s winter time and the skin becomes chapped.

5. Buzzzzzz

So now you’re convinced that there is a hidden mosquito infestation in your room. It seems as though the pesky bugs know to always get your forehead or between the eyebrows because lets be honest, who doesn’t love a good third eye? Instead of trying to pop or scratch the bite, causing it to become mad and itchy, try a dab of hydrocortisone cream. This will help relieve the itching, and hopefully lead to a quick dismissal of the pesky bite.

6. All You Can See Is Red

It’s common to wake up looking like you have taken sandpaper to your skin, with an extremely irritated and red face. Is disconcerting as it may be, you are not completely helpless! Use some aloe vera gel, like you would after you had a sunburn. This gel is fantastic for calming and soothing the skin, and will hopefully lead to your skin returning to normal pigmentation!

7. Hairy Hideout

Men, and even women, can have an issue with ingrown hairs taking steak in a portion of your face. Whether it be on your chin, neck or eyebrows, they are awful. They are a beacon of stress and we think you should try a good exfoliant. Hairs tend to become ingrown when they have nowhere to go, whether it be they are blocked by oil or by dead skin. Removing the outer layer of skin with an exfoliating cleanser can help with alleviating the hair and calming the area down!

Have any tips and tricks for us? Tweet us at @DrMiriamHanson or @DrAdamMamelak and share your great beauty tips, suggestions, and hacks! We love to know what the best tricks are!

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