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Product Spotlight | EltaMD AM & PM Therapies

There are many options when it comes to moisturizing your skin. Whether to go with an over the counter or professional grade product is a great question. One of the most important things that Dr. Miriam Hanson, board-certified Dermatologist in Austin, Texas, asks is “What is this product doing for my skin?”

EltaMD, known for its popular line of zinc-based sunscreens, has put great effort into creating two excellent facial moisturizers that are going to deliver what your skin has been waiting for. EltaMD’s AM Therapy & PM Therapy are designed to make an impact on your skin.

EltaMD AM Therapy

As the skin begins to age and becomes more dry, patients often switch to a thicker formulations of their products to help retain moisture. But EltaMD has developed this phenomenal morning formulation that 633892-Elta-MD_AM-Therpy-Facial-Moisturizer_72dpi_2-20-14is lightweight yet effective. Based on a number of natural ingredients, AM Therapy uses Salix Alba, a willow bark extract, to help remove dead skin cells and promote skin cell turnover. This process helps to rejuvenate the skin more quickly, offering a more supple and healthy complexion. This product also incorporates Piptadenia Colubrina extract, which stimulates Aquaporins within the skin. These help to stimulate the skin to retain more water, leaving it more moist over time. “This is also a great product for men,” mentions Dr. Hanson. “It is a very low-maintenance product that just requires daily application after washing your face,” she continues. This is proof of a versatile and effective moisturizer.

EltaMD PM Therapy

Nighttime is the time when the skin has a chance to rest, turn over and restore itself. All the more reason to be proactive with 633893-Elta-MD_PM-Therpy-Facial-Moisturizer_72dpi_2-20-14an evening skin routine designed to rejuvenate the skin. After washing your face and removing make up, it is important to apply a product to your face that is going to facilitate skin turnover and renewal. Elta PM Therapy is not only great for helping with restoring and retaining moisture, but it can help restore the elasticity within the skin. Properly moisturized skin helps bring back a more youthful and plump state. “EltaMD PM Therapy is a great option for overnight use,” Dr. Hanson says. The product also addresses a large portion of tone and textural issues, often linked to improperly hydrated skin. Why not take the time to do this while you’re sleeping, and wake up with refreshed skin!


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