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Sanova’s Patient Portal: Access All Your Medical Information

Sanova Dermatology has two secure portals for patients to access their information at our clinic. This blog focuses on the ModMed EMA portal where patients can access medical and health information.

To schedule an appointment, view your financial status, make a payment, please use the CareCloud patient portal here.

Your ModMed EMA Patient Portal

Using the EMA Patient Portal, you can view your records, land and pathology reports, enter and update medical information, and send messages to your provider. Prescription refills can also be requested through the portal.

Logging On

  1. Type the URL below into a Mozilla Firefox browser window. DO NOT type www or https in front of the URL.

Note: If you do not currently have Mozilla Firefox on your computer, you can download it for free.  We do not recommend using any other browsers.

  1. Log in with the username and password. You will receive a login and password by email after your first visit at Sanova Dermatology. If you do not have a username or password, please email us at:


Utilizing the Patient Portal

Using the assigned username and password, log into the portal

Patient Info

Contact Info: Patients can view all of their contact information, but cannot make any changes.

Insurance and Pharmacy: Patients can view their Insurance information but cannot make any changes. They can however, add or change their preferred pharmacy.

  • To add a pharmacy, select Pharmacy Search. Enter as much criteria as possible and click Search.  Click the blue link to add the pharmacy.


Medications: Patients can add or delete medications they are currently taking.

  • To add a medication, begin typing the medication in the Drug Name Select the medication when it populates below. Then, you will choose the appropriate dose.
  • If there are no medications to add, select Mark No Medications
  • To delete a medication, select Delete to the right of the medication.


Allergies: Patients can add or delete their current allergies.

  • To add an allergy, begin typing the allergy in the Allergy Select the appropriate allergy when it populates below.
  • If there are no allergies, select Mark NKDA
  • To delete an allergy, select Delete to the right of the allergy.


Past Medical History: Patients can add or delete their medical and surgical histories.

  • To add a condition, select the checkbox next to that condition.


Skin Disease History: Patients can add or delete their skin disease history.

  • To add a condition, select the checkbox next to that condition.

Social History: Patients can add or delete their social history.

  • Fill in the appropriate information

Family History: Patients can add or delete their family history.

  • To add a condition, begin typing in the Family History field. Select the appropriate condition when it populates below.  Then choose the family member.
  • To delete a condition, select Delete to the right of the condition.


Problem List: Patients can view a list of their diagnoses as well as an information sheet on each of those diagnoses. No changes can be made to this tab.

  • To view more information on a condition, select the blue information bubble next to the condition


Visit Info

Patients can view their Visit notes, Educational handouts, and any Test results the provider has posted.

My Health

  • To view records, select the date in blue


  • To view the Education Handout of that visit, select the Patient Education link


Tests and Results

  • Select the date in blue to view the pathology report
  • Select the blue information bubble to the right of the result, to view more information on this diagnosis
  • Select Compose to generate an intramail to your provider


Communicate Securely

Patients can send messages to their provider and receive messages from their providers.

  • Select the date in blue to view the intramail.
  • Select New Message to generate a new Intramail to your provider


Contact Us

If you have additional questions about your ModMed EMA patient portal where you can access your health information, please contact us.