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Top 2 Ways RF Radio Frequency Devices Benefit the Skin

Top 2 Ways RF Radio Frequency Devices Benefit the Skin

Lasers, lights, ultrasound and radio frequency – the options for tightening and rejuvenating the skin nowadays seem endless. The fact is, all of these devices have something in common: they deliver energy to the skin that changes the structure and improves the integrity of treated areas.

Take radio frequency (RF) for example. There are a number of popular RF energy devices on the market today, such as the Syneron Elos Plus and others. Overall, treatments with the Elos Plus do a great job of tightening and firming loose skin or creating a toned and rejuvenated look to the skin. This device can be used just about anywhere on the body,but are particularly popular for:

  • The face
  • The neck
  • Around the eyes
  • The tummy

RF energy devices tighten, tone and rejuvenate skin in two ways.

They Use Heat and Energy Currents

Doctors and surgeons have used RF energy to tighten tissues throughout the body. “Skin aside, this technology is actually commonly used for a number of gastrointestinal procedures, and help restore the integrity of these structures,” explains Dr. Adam Mamelak, dermatologist and laser surgeon in Austin, Texas. Dr. Mamelak previously worked on a research grant examining the molecular effects of RF in the skin during his dermatology training at Johns Hopkins. “Radio frequency provides tightening because the heat created by microwave energy and the nature of the energy both cause molecular changes in the body’s tissues. These changes stimulate long-term collagen production and tightening, as well as restoring elasticity to the skin.”

RF work to improve skin on the body just as it does on the face. “Depending on the area, we adjust the amount of energy delivered to the skin, to obtain optimal aesthetic outcomes, while ensure the safety of our patients,” says Dr. Mamelak.

elos_plusThey Cause ‘Controlled Injury’

“I don’t like the medical terminology, but you have to think about what’s happening on a molecular level,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board-certified dermatologist and laser expert at Sanova Dermatology. “It is effect of the RF energy that causes the body to respond and ‘repair’ old collagen and stretched out elastin fibers in the skin. The same old and stretched out elastic fibers that clinically contribute to wrinkles and sagging skin.”

RF energy treatments cause subtle “injuries” throughout all layers of your skin. To heal these injuries, the body creates new skin that is more youthful and vibrant. “The Elos Plus also has built in safeties in order to reduce the possibility of injury and ensure the the skin is not damaged during the treatment,” notes Dr. Hanson.

Elos Plus RF treatments can be combined with other devices and treatments like laser therapy and dermal fillers to meet your aesthetic goals and deliver results tailored to meet your specific needs. Recovery is minimal after RF and the skin tightening will continue to increase over time, as the treatment rejuvenates and stimulated new collagen production over the long-term.

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