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Top 4 Tricks To Save Your Skin During SXSW

Top 4 Tricks To Save Your Skin During SXSW


South By South West has taken its hold on Austin, offering many great concerts, films, and the newest technology. But let’s be honest. Most of what we enjoy about this great Austin festival is the booze, the parties, and the fantastically greasy and free food! But how does your skin feel about all of this? Are you feeling the post-party facial woes? Sunburned shoulders? You don’t want to look fatigued when you bump into Zac Efron or Lady Gaga!

Here are some tricks that Dr. Miriam Hanson suggests to help you save your skin during the fun three-week festival:


  • Water

Nothing dries the body out like a combination of alcohol, sun, and cigarettes. That’s the recipe for the majority of SXSW, so we challenge you to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. Not only will it deter you from feeling at your lowest, your skin will thank you the next day when it is still feeling soft and hydrated.crowd

  • Sunscreen

Not much damages the skin more than a multiple-hour dose of sun on un-prepared skin. Putting on a healthy layer of sunscreen will help you avoid your next-day pain. “The best plan of action is to keep a travel sunscreen with you,” Dr. Hanson shares, suggesting you apply throughout your downtown adventures, whether in line for the next band or taking a quick coffee break between panels.

  • Sleep

Alcohol disrupts the body’s natural sleep pattern, making it difficult for you to feel fully rested. Nothing is more of a tell-tale sign than the bags that have formed under your eyes. Keep this in mind while drinking, as well as planning for the time you have allotted for sleeping. It’s always great to do what you can to make the next day as much of a symptom-less ease as possible.

  • The Morning After

“The best way to succeed is to set yourself up to do so the evening prior,” Dr. Hanson suggests. Washing your face is a key ingredient to radiant looking skin the day after a party. Make sure to remove all make up, as new skin cells form throughout the night and have a hard time doing so with a layer of make up on top of it. Also, as tempting as it is to eat a pound of fried bacon, try to lean toward a healthier antioxidant and vitamin-rich alternative like eggs with avocado. This offers the body vitamin E and Zinc, replenishing your luminous skin back to its healthy beautiful glow.

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