How is Rosacea Treated?


The first step in managing rosacea is to avoid common triggers such as sun exposure, hot enclosed environments, and foods or beverages that are known to cause the condition to flare up. However, there are also proactive steps you can take to keep your symptoms at bay and reduce redness, bumps, irritation, thickened skin, or dry eye. At Sanova Dermatology, we often recommend a number of oral medications, topical creams, and skin treatments that can improve the comfort and appearance of your skin.

Green-tinted makeup or sunscreens can instantly reduce the visibility of your skin’s redness, though of course this is only a temporary solution. A skincare regime free of known irritants can also help keep the skin clean and clear. For patients whose symptoms remain persistent, our experienced dermatologists may recommend a medicated cream such as clindamycin or metronidazole. If the skin does not respond well to these topical solutions, oral medications such as isotretinoin, birth control pills, or antibiotics can help resolve many symptoms of rosacea. Finally, laser therapy treatments can be used to minimize both redness and the appearance of broken blood vessels. For more information about rosacea and how you can benefit from these treatments, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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