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Soolantra: New Treatment For Rosacea Now Available

Soolantra: New Treatment For Rosacea Now Available

soolantra-creamRosacea is extremely common dermatologic condition, found in over 16 million people. The new prescription drug Soolantra is used for the treatment of inflammation associated with Rosacea.

Rosacea is characterized facial redness, broken blood vessels and acne-like bumps that form on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Patients with Rosacea report exquisitely sensitive skin, often with stinging and burning sensation, particularly when applying a variety of skin care products.

There are many triggers for Rosacea which include heat, alcohol, and spicy foods. “Thankfully, we have a number of treatment options for our Rosacea patients,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. These range from everything from topical washes and creams, oral pills and even laser procedures.  “The results of these treatments can vary, and matching the right treatment to the right patient can be a challenge.” Soolantra is a topical prescription that is designed to specifically combat inflammatory bumps and blemishes seen on the skin.

What Makes Soolantra Different?

The active ingredient in Soolantra is 1% Ivermectin, a medication traditionally used to treat parastic infections and skin infestations. “Researchers specifically studied the medications effects on inflammation and the papules seen in Rosacea skin,” explains Dr. Hanson. What they showed was the cream decreased the number of bumps and blemishes on the skin, and continued improve the Rosacea with consistent use.”

Rosacea has long been linked to a mite called demodex, a natural inhabitant of the skin that lives within everyone’s hair follicles or within close proximity to them. One theory suggests that Rosacea may be a result of the body’s immune system reacting to these mites or their contents, causing a inflammatory reaction on the skin. Support of this theory comes form the observation that individuals suffering from Rosacea have larger quantities of demodex in their affected skin than people without Rosacea. Soolantra could work by decreasing the amount of demodex present on the skin of rosacea sufferers.

“This represents another option for patients who have tried multiple treatments and skin care regimens, and have not seen the results results they are looking for,” says Dr. Hanson.

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