What Causes Rosacea?


Rosacea is frequently linked with prolonged sun exposure or sun damage. Blocking excessive sunlight with protective clothing or sunscreen can keep the condition from becoming exacerbated. However, not all of the triggers for rosacea are related to the sun.

For example, hot beverages, spicy foods, red wine, caffeine, and certain medications have all been known to make patients who suffer from rosacea flush. In addition, substantial and sudden shifts in temperature or emotions such as anger, stress, or embarrassment can cause a flare of rosacea. Our experienced dermatologists advise that patients with rosacea avoid hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms as these environments may also make their condition worse.

Since patients with rosacea often have sensitive skin, our dermatologists recommend carefully selecting a skin care regimen that is gentle yet effective and avoiding products that contain known irritants such as strong scents. To learn about the rosacea treatment options available at Sanova Dermatology, please contact us today.

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