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Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is more commonly seen in African American, Asian and East Asian individuals. These spots begin to appear in the late teens. In most patients, however, the spots become more numerous in the twenties and thirties. They may be found in as many as 40% of the adult African American population.


The main site of appearance is the face – mostly the cheeks and skin around the eyes. However, they can occasionally occur on the neck, upper back and chest.


The cause of these spots is not known, but there does tend to be an inherited factor involved. That is, they run in families.

These spots are not dangerous and never develop into cancer or any other problem. They are strictly of cosmetic significance. In most people, they are quite small and are not much of a concern once people know what they are.


Treatment is not necessary except if they bother the patient from a cosmetic point of view. These spots can be removed in a number of ways. They can either be removed by laser, scraping or cutting the spots off, or with an electric needle. There is always a minimal risk that a mark can be left at the site when the spots are removal.

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