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Skin Care

The right skin care can have positive effects on your health, appearance, and beauty. Fortunately, skin care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Take care of the skin on your face and your body with these three simple steps:

  • Cleanse
    Wash to remove grime, dead skin cells, and excess oils. Use the mildest method and product that gets your skin type clean. Be careful of scrubs and abrasive cleansers that can damage your skin and leave marks.
  • Moisturize
    Moisturizer seals in hydration to prevent dry skin. Products are available for every skin type and condition.
  • Protect
    Exposure to the environmental agents, particularly UV rays from the sun, damages your skin. Even moderate amounts of sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles, dryness, freckles, and discoloration. Extended or severe exposure can lead to skin cancer. Sunscreens and blocks are available for all skin types, facial and body. Many moisturizers now include SPF.
Skin Care in Pflugerville, TX

Common Skin Conditions

Despite the best skin care program, common skin conditions can occur.

  • Acne breakouts can often be related to your skin care regimen and the products you use. Ensuring you have the right products for your skin type will help.
  • Rosacea sufferers and patients with sensitive skin might complain of patches of course, scaly skin; bumps and pimples; redness and broken blood vessels. Your dermatologist will talk with you about mild skin care products, green-tinted cosmetics, and possibly oral medications or laser therapy to manage your rosacea.
  • Eczema is characterized by extremely itchy patches of skin, and can be dry and scaly. Your dermatologist can tell you about possible triggers and various management techniques.

Are you satisfied with the results you are getting from your skin care regimen? Want to make sure you are using the best products for your skin type, to keep it healthy and looking great for life? Learn about the best way to care for your skin and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Consult with the professional staff at Sanova Dermatology.

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