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Z Wave

Feeling self-conscious about your body is frustrating but it’s something that naturally happens, especially as we age and our bodies change. Age causes sagging skin, wrinkles, and worst of all… cellulite. The “cottage cheese” like, dimpled skin makes us feel embarrassed about our appearance. Wearing short skirts, shorts or swimsuits can be a very uncomfortable experience if you’re worried about the cellulite on your skin. You can be at your ideal weight and still struggle with cellulite. We have the answers and the solution you are seeking to cellulite removal. But all this anxiety is unnecessary.

We at Sanova Dermatology can help you feel confident and self assured. There is no need for stressing during bathing suit season. Just a little help from our team and you will look forward to those pool parties and beach days. Zimmer Aesthetics-Z Wave will give you the smooth, firmness you desire on your legs and buttocks, or anywhere else you may be struggling with cellulite.

How Does It Work?

Z Wave is a non-invasive, painless way to disrupt the connective bands that create cellulite. Using high energy radial pulse therapy, these waves penetrate the skin 3.5cm to reach the fibrous cellulite bands below. This procedure is best when done after Vanquish treatments and help maintain the results. These Z Waves break down the cellulite, thus improving circulation and reducing fat bulges. When used in combinations with Vanquish, it can speed up the cellulite and fat removal process, giving you the favorable results you desire. These painless shockwaves are scientifically proven to impact collagen and skin connective tissue, giving you visible results almost immediately.

The Results Speak For Themselves

When you get our Z Wave package, you will enjoy results lasting up to 6 months. Just like you need to exercise regularly to maintain a fit body, you also need to schedule regular sessions to maintain the overall cellulite free appearance you worked hard to achieve. We can’t workout a handful of times and expect to have perfect, fit bodies for life!
Our professional team will give you the perfect skin you’ve been dreaming about. Zimmer ZWave radial pulse therapy is there the results are at. Call Sanova Dermatology to schedule your appointment for this revolutionary way to remove your stubborn cellulite.