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SkinMedica® Chemical Peels

Looking for rejuvenation and luminous skin? The SkinMedica® line of chemical peels offers a variety of options that are able to treat mild to severe signs of aging and sun damage. These peels can assist in brightening your skin and offering a more radiant complexion, as well as addressing mild imperfections.

Which SkinMedica® Peel Is Right For Me?

Illuminze Peel – This peel is great for all skin types, as everyone can utilize enhanced skin cell turnover. It is the gentlest of the SkinMedica® peels

Rejuvenize Peel – This peel is helpful for most skin types, and is used for moderate signs of aging and sun damage.

Vitalize Peel – This is the strongest form of SkinMedica® peel and is good many skin types. This peel is used to address the strongest signs of skin damage.

Those with deeper pigment are suggested to consult with their provider to decipher which peel is best for their skin. Many start at the Illumenize peel and work their way up to stronger peels to ensure there is no pigmentation issues.

What Should I Do Before My Peel?

As with any procedure, it is important to contact you dermatologist or aesthetician to verify any current skin conditions you may have that could be exacerbated by the treatment. It is also important to alert of any skin care products in use, like a retin-a or a chemical exfoliant, as they may cause a reaction or damage your skin if used before or after the treatment.

How Will My Face Look After The Peel?

Most patients will experience a mild redness of the face, similar to that of a sunburn. This will typically dissipate within a few hours. After redness subsides, you may begin to notice the peeling process begin.

Will I Experience Any Peeling With This Peel?

Depending on the depth of peel, you may experience mere dryness and redness of the skin or quite a bit of peeling. Do not underestimate the ability of this peel to work beneath the surface to assist with skin impurities and amplify the effects of your skin care routine, even if you do not see “sheeting” or extensive peeling.

How Often Can I Get SkinMedica®Peels?

The frequency at which you are able to have SkinMedica® peels depends on the strength of the peel, as well as your skins sensitivity to them. Your provider will create a customized treatment plan to meet the specific needs of your skin.