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As we continue our journey through the aging process, one of the most prominent characteristics of getting old is sagging skin. There are quite a few procedures that can be used to tighten this skin, but can be invasive and cost thousands of dollars. A more affordable and non-invasive way way to see similar results is the Sciton SkinTyte laser.

What is Sciton Skintyte?

The SkinTyte procedure uses infrared light technology to heat dermal collagen, causing partial denaturation and contraction of collagen. This process initiates the body’s natural healing process, which creates renewed collagen leading to increased skin firmness. Light energy is delivered to the skin in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses so topical anesthetic is not needed. The patient can look forward to firmer, tighter skin in the treatment area.

Am I A Candidate?

SkinTyte is recommend in a series for patients with mild or moderate skin laxity who want to see improvement in the skin without surgery. As all skin is different, it is best to set up a consultation to decide what the best treatment plan is for your area of concern. This treatment can be performed on any area of the body and is safe for all skin types.

What About The Results?

You will begin to notice the results within a few weeks, but full results often take up to four to six months. “SkinTyte is a great standalone treatment, but can also be combined with other treatments such as BBL or Hydraficial to offer amazing youthful results,” states Shelley Winkenwerdwer, certified medical aesthetician and licensed laser technician at Sanova Dermatology in Steiner Ranch.

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