Can I Drive After My Mohs Micrographic Surgery Appointment?

Skin cancer is a very serious medical condition, and its removal can be a lengthy process. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is considered one of the most effective treatments for skin cancer, as it is able to remove all cancerous tissue while sparing the healthy skin. Patients always have a number of questions about their Mohs micrographic surgery appointment, including how they will get to and from their appointment.

Can I Drive Myself To My Appointment?

Happy senior man in the car.“In most cases, patients should be more than okay to drive themselves home after their procedure,” notes Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board-certified Dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs Micrographic Surgeon in Austin, Texas. During the procedure, the area of treatment will be numbed with lidocaine for the comfort. Patients remain completely awake during their surgical visit. A layer of cancerous tissue is removed and its margins are examined under a microscope. If cancerous cell are observed at one of the margins, additional tissue will need to be removed. If no cancer is seen, the skin can be repaired, bandaged and the patient is sent home cancer free.

The patient will then be free to drive themselves home if they feel comfortable. “We always suggest that the patient do what feels comfortable for them during their surgical visit. Whether it be inviting family members or friends to chat, keep them company and drive them, or bring a book to read, our main goal is to have the patient be as comfortable as possible,” says Dr. Mamelak.

Dr. Mamelak does insist patients have a driver in a few specific situations. If the surgery is extensive, either because of the large size of the skin cancer being removed or the surgical repair performed, patients often feel more comfortable with an escort or help. As well, if patients take narcotics or any sedatives prior or during their procedure, they must have a ride home.

Dr. Mamelak performed Mohs surgery and other skin cancer treatments at Sanova Dermatology and the Austin Mohs Surgery Center in Austin, Texas.

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