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Dermatology for Skin of Color | Top 5 Concerns in Patients with Skin of Color

Patients with Skin of Color have unique skin care needs often requiring novel and individualized treatments. There has been a recent boost in he attention, research and development of new clinical practices for dermatology conditions in patients with skin of color. It is well known that certain skin types are more responsive to some treatments than others.

Here are a list of the top 5 dermatological concerns for skin of color.

1. Where Do I Fit?

A large portion of handling skin issues, for anyone, is knowing where your skin lies on a spectrum. Understanding things about your skin, like how oily or dry your skin is, or where your skin tone places on a scale is a very important. This can help you when pursuing treatments, or generally knowing what is helpful for your skin type. We often see patients that are curious as to what there options are. There are procedures, like skin resurfacing lasers, that can become more less consistent in darker complected individuals. There are certain procedures that are not suggested for specific skin types, which can include skin of color, due to lack of effectiveness or risk of causing pigmentation issues.

2. Treating Common Skin Conditions

Along with learning about your skin type comes the common concern of dealing with daily skin conditions and concerns. Acne, Eczema, and excessive hair are concerns that everyone has, and knowledge about these conditions for those with darker skin tones is less frequent. Some of the more minor skin conditions can be treated just as any other skin type would, but there comes a point when there is a deviation in the way the skin must be treated in order to preserve pigmentation and textural integrity. Furthermore, some skin conditions look different in darker skin types compared to Caucasian skin.

There are societies and groups now that specifically obtain and share knowledge that pertains to treatment of these skin types, and it is great to know that there is more work being done to achieve as much information as we can to treat all skin types successfully.

3. Treating Serious Skin Conditions

A greater concern than general Dermatology for skin of color, is that of more serious conditions that arise. It is less likely to see skin cancer in darker skin colors, as the skin has a greater barrier against the rays of the sun. But there has been a rise of skin cancer diagnosis in Hispanic skin tones. This increase of skin cancer is alarming, and is a concern for Dermatologists and those with the increased risk. Other important information is that African Americans have a lower chance of having skin cancers, but if they do develop these tumors they are more often detected in a higher advanced stage. This advanced skin cancer growth, is a large area of concern to those with skin of color.

4. Skin Care

The texture and receptive nature of skin of color can be quite different than those with lighter skin. Certain products are not made with darker skin types in mind. It is important to make sure that the skin care products that you are using are effective, and that they are offering you assistance in the areas of concern. There have been more brands that have been created to help skin of color specifically, and also a boost of incorporating products that are useful for all skin types.

5. Cosmetic Dermatology for Skin of Color

There is a large interest in exploring the art of Cosmetic Dermatology for skin of color. Lasers that are used for hair removal, skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, and many other skin conditions are not always effective for darker skin tones. This is now becoming of great concern to those who wish to have a more refreshed appearance, and would love to take advantage of the skin rejuvenating practices that many other people have the ability to use. One of the reasons why Sanova Dermatology offers devices like the GentleYag Pro U is that it can be used for laser hair removal in all skin types, regardless of whether the patient is African American, East Indian, Latino or Asian.

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