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Et tu, Lulu?

It’s always strange to see health and fitness companies promoting behaviors that can be detrimental to your health. Sure, gone are the days of smoking rooms in hospitals, and fewer and fewer health clubs have tanning beds. But fitness companies still promote unhealthy behaviors from time to time.

photo 1Sports and athletic stores by nature are geared towards health promotion. Whether it’s running or swimming, tennis or football, the equipment that protects us, helps us train and reach our goals are designed to optimize our health. Using this equipment helps us lose weight, lower our blood pressure, even sleep better and clear our minds. How disappointing is it to see one fitness company’s current marketing campaign so off base?

Lululemon has produced check out bags packed with inspirational quotes and phrases. Not only are these designed to motivate people to participate in the athletic activities, but also feel good about doing it.

It’s far from “no pian, no gain”. Lululemon has decided to inspire with sayings like, “a daily shot of athletic-induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself, and offsets stress.” They even take it one step farther with their doses of peaceful living and increasing self-worth. “Friends are more important than money.” “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.” “Creativity is maximized when you are living in the moment.”

You can therefore imagine our surprise when we read:

“Sunscreen absorbed into the skin might be worse for you than sunshine. Get the right amount of sunshine.”

Can this really be considered a true statement?

The Debate

There is a continuous debate over how to acquire the necessary Vitamin D to keep us healthy. Options include the sun, tanning beds and dietary supplements. Studies have shown that chronic exposure to UV light from the sun and tanning beds is a leading factor in skin cancer development.

photo 2The American Academy of Dermatology has advised that achieving appropriate Vitamin D levels through sun exposure can compromise an individual’s health and increase the risk of developing skin cancers like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

The same dangers can be said of avoiding the use of sunscreen. Despite reports in the media, no studies have shown that the chemicals used in sunscreens pose health risks to its users. Those who do not wear sunscreen show signs of accelerated skin aging as well as an increased numbers of skin cancers.

No matter which side of the sunscreen debate you side, or how to get your Vitamin D, it is important to be aware that overwhelming research has demonstrated unprotected skin can be at risk for developing skin cancer.

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