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How to Detect Skin Cancer

Detect Skin CancerWhen detected early, skin cancer can almost always be cured. However, in order to effectively remove any cancerous or precancerous lesions, it is vital that you notice changes in any spots, moles, or freckles. Whether you find abnormalities on your own, or a physician detects a potentially harmful growth, routine skin checks can save your life.

While there are several methods for skin cancer prevention, there is no guaranteed way to avoid developing the disease. As a result, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends people make self skin care examinations a monthly routine. This means doing a full-body exam in your own home, looking for new spots or changes to existing ones. It is also important to note that any lesions that itch, bleed, or don’t heal well could be potentially harmful.

At Sanova Dermatology, we find the “ABCDE” method to be the easiest way to detect skin cancer. If you see a spot that is Asymmetrical or uneven, has a jagged Border or an irregular shape, is multiple Colors, has a Diameter larger than the head of a pencil eraser (6mm), or has Evolved in one of these ways over time, you should consult a doctor. All of these characteristics can indicate skin cancer is present or developing.

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