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Is Black Salve a Viable Natural Treatment for Skin Cancer?

Have you heard about “Black Salve”? It is being marketed as a natural remedy for treating a number of cancers ranging from breast, colon, and even skin cancer. But before seeking out this therapy, we wanted to help you become aware of the information available about Black Salve and review the pros and cons of this treatment.

What is Black Salve?

Black Salve is created using a mixture of potent herbs and bloodroot. There are many variances to this salve that include ingredients ranging from ash, to Indian tobacco, zinc and other alternatives. As such, there are no consistent ingredients, and each preparation have different and inconsistent effects. The salve is applied to an area of the skin deemed needing removal of various skin ailments including skin tags, moles, warts, and even cancers.

How does Black Salve work?

Unfortunately, there are no medical trials evaluating the mechanism of action, how to apply the salve, the expected results and adverse effects of this naturally made concoction. “Much of this evidence cannot be explained and does not seem to necessarily hold scientific weight,” notes Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board certified Dermatologist and skin cancer specialist in Austin, TX. It is purported that the salve targets cancerous cells, but clinically, it appears to physically to eat away at the skin. There have been notable cases where this has eaten away at the skin and left users with holes within their skin. “I am not sure if this is the direction that I think people should be pointed towards when dealing something as serious as cancer,” states Dr. Mamelak, who is a trained Mohs Micrographic Surgeon.

This treatment type is not approved in the United States by the Federal Drug Administration as a viable option for treating things such as cancer or other skin ailments, therefore leaving many to question why it is being considered. After leaving a large black scar on the place of contact, there is no guarantee that it has effectively removed undesired cells. This can leave cancerous tumors partially removed, a patient visibly and emotionally scared, and a difficult plan of action post-use.

The best option when dealing with any skin-related issues or concerns is to visit a board certified Dermatologist. This guarantees a patient the knowledge and skills necessary to detect, diagnose, and decide a course of treatment in relation to skin issues. Advances in medicine are happening constantly, and is always good to be aware of the good and bad effects of the most recent options in medical treatment.

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