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Landon Donovan of Team USA Knows the Importance of Sunscreen!

Landon Donovan of Team USA Knows the Importance of Sunscreen!

“Skin cancer became personal to my family when my father was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma,” said Landon Donovan. “I’m relieved to share that he is in good health now, but his diagnosis was a real wake-up call and inspired me to partner with The Skin Cancer Foundation for the second year in a row to continue to raise awareness among men about the importance of sun protection.”

7168451-sun-blunders-psa-2014--landon-donovan-originalDonovan is setting a fantastic example for other athletes, and those around the US, by making it known that sunscreen use is important. “It’s great to know that people who have such an impact on so  many are interested in sharing the important message about skin cancer and its prevention,” states Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon from Austin, Texas. “We see an abundance of patients who are outside the majority of the day for work and don’t even think to put sunscreen on. So if these athletes and celebrities can bring it to the people’s attention, using their voice and stardon, by all means do it!” he encourages.

As the rate of skin cancer findings in younger adults is rising, it is pertinent that information regarding skin health and safety be shared. It is these displays of personal stories that are extremely helpful in making the benefits of sunscreen known. Being that Team USA is showing off major skills at this years World Cup, you shouldn’t brush off the important advice from one of the team’s star players.

Go Team USA!

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