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Laser Treatment Can Improve a Wide Variety of Skin Conditions

Laser Treatment Can Improve a Wide Variety of Skin Conditions


At Sanova Dermatology, we see a variety of dermatological concerns, and we work with our patients to find a treatment that will be most effective for their particular skin condition. Patients who exhibit red or purple patches or bumps on or below the skin’s surface may now benefit from vascular laser therapy with the VBeam® Perfecta. These types of skin conditions are called vascular lesions, and can take many forms. Broken or dilated blood vessels are also considered vascular lesions. With the VBeam® Perfecta, we are able to treat vascular lesions such as port wine stains, rosacea, spider veins, infantile hemangiomas, poikiloderma and more. This treatment is minimally-invasive, and can often be an excellent alternative to other types of procedures for vascular lesions.

The VBeam® has also proven to work well for treating the side effects of treatments for other conditions. For example, some patients who have experienced scarring from skin cancer surgery have been able to reduce the signs of scarring after treating the affected area with Pulse Dye laser therapy. In most cases, more than one treatment session will be needed in order to reach optimal results. Many individuals may be considered candidates for this procedure, including some children.

To learn more about vascular laser therapy, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Adam J. Mamelak or Dr. Miriam L. Hanson, please contact us today.