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Preparing For Your Mohs Surgical Appointment

Preparing For Your Mohs Surgical Appointment

The thought of Mohs skin cancer surgery can be daunting for some. This surgery can almost guarantee permanent removal of skin cancer, with over 99% cure rates. Still, a number of patients feel anxious about the procedure. “Sleepless nights,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board-certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon in Austin, Texas. “I think it’s the unknown, or not knowing what to expect, that affects people the most.” Dr. Mamelak offers a few pre-appointment tips to help ensure a smooth Mohs experience.

Have A Light Breakfast

While the duration of surgery can vary, Dr. Mamelak advises patient to plan to be in the clinic for about four hours. “Having a small breakfast helps with fatigue, hunger and ultimately helps keep patients comfortable.” Dr. Mamelak encourages his patients to relax in the ‘Mohs Lounge,’ where we supply snacks and coffee. The Austin Mohs Surgery Center hopes to promote a very peaceful and warm environment, especially to those undergoing surgery to remove skin cancer.

Bring A List of Medications

SBefore undergoing any surgery, it is important to share information about any medications that you may be taking. Certain medications can cause complications during surgery, including certain blood thinners. “We want to make sure that our patients are in top-shape for their surgery, and part of that is knowing what medications could potential hinder the flow of their procedure,” Dr. Mamelak shares.

Continue Medications Unless Doctor Informs Otherwise

As previously stated, it is important to notify your doctor about your current medications. It is also important that you continue those medications unless otherwise notified. “Your Mohs surgery day is not the time to skip your blood pressure medication.” Compromising your health by changing your medical routine could hinder your ability to heal or the ability to treat your skin cancer with surgery.

“Most medications are okay to continue when undergoing Mohs Surgery, but there are certain medications that I will have my patients stop,” informs Dr. Mamelak. It is always suggested that you share this information at the time of consultation or if you have any concerns regarding your medications before your appointment.

Share Information Regarding Previous Surgeries

Making a list of these surgeries can help expedite the process of scheduling your Mohs surgery. “There are cases with patients that have had transplants, joint replacements, other major surgeries and even previous skin cancer surgeries which can affect how your Mohs procedure is performed,” shares Dr. Mamelak. Special steps my be required to make sure that a patient does not compromise any other health issues that they may have.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

A simple but important part of your Mohs day. Wear comfortable clothing! You will be in our office for about half the day, and it is always suggested that you wear relaxed clothing in order to make it a comfortable experience.

Be Prepared To Spend Some Time In The Office

As we mentioned, you will be spending a large portion of the day in our office. “The ‘surgical part’ of Mohs surgery is actually quite quick,”says Dr. Mamelak,”but checking the tissue under the microscope to ensure clear surgical margins can take some time.” This allows the doctorto be able to spare as much healthy tissue as possible, while delivering exceeding high cure rates. Bringing reading material, entertainment, a friend or a preferred snack can help pass the time, or you can rely on the TV and magazines available in the office.

Find Our Office

What could be considered the most crucial part of your appointment is finding our office for your surgery. If you haven’t been to the office previously, please remind the staff to give you detailed directions to our office from any major highway. A reminder email with directions will also be sent out to you at the time of setting up your appointment. Please pay mind to these directions, as navigational systems can sometimes be misleading.

We look forward to seeing you at your Mohs Surgery appointment, and are excited to help you on your way to a cancer-free life.

If you have any further questions regarding your Mohs surgery appointment, feel free to contact us and we would love to help you.

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