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SPF = Sun Protection is Fun!

SPF = Sun Protection is Fun!

So, we know the drill. It’s a sunscreen stand off between you and your little one(s), and it’s going nowhere quickly. Putting on the sunscreen is a definite chore, especially when it involves trying to get a child to sit still and apply it to them. That being said, we have come up with a few different ways that you can use to make applying sunscreen more fun. If there are ways that you can make protecting yourself from UV rays fun, then we think you should!

Sunguard Man! if_sunguard_man

It doesn’t take much research to know that children love electronics. Whether it be television, the computer, or a gaming system, they are addicted to the challenges and fun that come a long with it. offers a fun interactive game that teaches children about the ways to protect your skin from the unhealthy rays from the sun, as well as entertaining them. “This can be a good reference point when it’s time to apply sunscreen ,” states Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board certified Dermatologist and mom of some very fair children! You can your them about what the game is about and what they observed. “This leads to a great discussion in how the sun offers many great things, but that we have to make sure that we cover our skin with sunscreen in order to not burn or be unhealthy,” she suggests.

Get Rid Of The Snake!

Another great way to get a child to rub in sunscreen is to play the snake game. You might want to do a little planning before hand to not make the game scary, but focus on it being fun. You apply long lines of sunscreen on the arms and legs (snakes) and try to get rid of the snakes before the bite you. “Giggling and having fun with your kids while getting them to rub in the sunscreen themselves allows them a sense of independence, and everyone loves a good game,” adds Dr. Hanson.

The Great Sunscreen Race!

Noting makes anything more fun than a little competition. Why not make applying sunscreen a race between you and your child or children! Place dots along your arms and legs and count to 3! Then see who can make sure all of their sunscreen is rubbed in first. That person will be the reigning speed sunscreen applicator champion!

ss bandsSunscreen Bands

What a better way to teach your children about reapplying sunscreen than to show them when their sunblock has wore off. “Whether they get wet or dry, these wrist bands literally change color as the sunscreen’s protective abilities wear off,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, Dermatologist and skin cancer expert at Sanova Dermatology. The bands come in a variety of colors and styles, some with charcters that are great for kids.

These are just a few options that you may be able to use to get sunscreen on your children to prevent burning or health complications further down the road. Teaching children at a younger age that they should take care of their skin will make an impact upon them, and they will share that with their friends. This is the great message that we want to share with our youth. Take care of yourself and you will live a happy and healthy life!

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