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Will I Need Stitches After My Mohs surgery?

So you have successfully removed cancerous sections from your skin and it is now the time to think about important post-operation information and tasks. After having the cancerous portions of skin removed from your body, your doctor will evaluate your wound and help you determine the best way to let the remaining skin heal. The method selected will be designed to optimize the function of the skin and overall cosmetic result.

“There are times with the surgery where the removal of pieces of the skin are not significant enough to require stitches,” states Dr. Mamelak. “In these instances a bandage is placed over the area and natural healing is allowed to occur, along with the application of topical ointments for wound care.”  If the wound is able to heal naturally, the tissue will grow back over a few weeks.

“Every patient will have a different surgical experience,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon in Austin, TX. “Every surgery has its unique qualities, which include the post-surgical closure.” Some surgeries will need sutures, or stitches. This could result from a larger space between the removed tissue in the skin. There are multiple suture options available after surgery. Some instances call for regular stitches, which involve coming back 1-2 weeks after surgery to have stitches removed. If possible, the doctor is able to use dissolving stitches that will disappear over time.

There are also times when the area that receives surgery is significantly larger, which may require a skin graft or skin flap. A skin graft occurs when there is a piece of skin removed from one area of the body, and then surgically placed and over the area where Mohs surgery took place in order to cover the exposed area. When using a skin flap, a portion of the area near the surgery site is repositioned and stretched over the wound created by the Mohs procedure to seal up the area.

There are multiple ways for your skin to heal after surgery, and these options will be weighed heavily by your doctor. Then the best option for you will be pursued and you will have completed your Mohs Micrographic Surgical procedure.

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