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7 Steps to Happy Skin

7 Steps to Happy Skin

Do I apply make up before or after sunscreen? Do I exfoliate before I apply make up? Can I put concealer on top off sunscreen? “Everyone has questions about their skin care regimen and with so many products on the market it can be quite confusing,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, dermatologist and skin care expert at in Austin, Texas.

Sanova Dermatology is happy to offer a step-by-step approach, from waking up to leaving the house, so that you know how to properly take care of your face while looking incredible!

Your Routine!

So you have woken up, hopefully with a clean face (wearing make up to bed can be detrimental to your skin!), and you are trying to decide how to start the routine:

Step 1: Wash Your Face

“Whether you decide to use a gentle milky cleanser, or an exfoliating cleanser, this is the best way to get your skin ready for the day,” notes Dr. Hanson. “You should exfoliate as often as twice a week, but there are some individual factors that can change how often,” she adds. “If you have oily skin you are more likely to need more exfoliation, and those with more sensitive skin should try to exfoliate less. Over exfoliation can lead to red and irritated skin, which is not the goal when trying to make your skin as healthy and happy as possible.”

Step 2: Toner

The toner can help your face get rid of excess oil and tighten your pores, therefore allowing your skin to refresh itself. “There are multiple types of toner,” notes Sanova Dermatology’s Aesthetician, Leigh Ann Smith. “There are traditional toners that offer your skin moisture and soothe the skin. Astringents are what people usually think of when you hear ‘toner’. These tend to be alcohol based and can causes dryness in individuals with dryer or more sensitive skin. There are also non-alcohol based toners, known as skin fresheners, that use natural ingredients like caffeine to tighten the skin.”

Step 3: Eye Cream

Eye creams are designed to help with fine lines, lax skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes. But you certainly don’t have to wait for these changes to occur before you start to use an eye cream. Using preventative measures to ensure healthy skin is a great way to secure stronger healthier skin in older age.

Step 4: Serums

If you use a serum, this is the best time to apply while the face is primed and ready to absorb nutrients and restorative compounds. Serums should go under heavier creams and moisturizers to ensure they penetrate best.

Step 5: Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Daily moisture and protection is essential to skin health, and potentially one of the most important steps for preparing your face for the day. Hydrating your skin keeps it looking and feeling healthy, and we all know that sunscreen is important, especially on the face.

Step 6: Make Up

Now that you’ve primed and protected your skin, it’s time to dress it up. “I tell patients not to rely on the SPF in their make up,” says Dr. Hanson. “applying sunscreen first and then putting on make up overtop is the best strategy.”

Step 7:  Reapply Sunscreen

We cannot stress enough the importance of REAPPLYING sunscreen. Once you have achieved the original goal of applying it once, you should know that it is important to reapply throughout the day. “These applications should be dependent on your frequency outdoors, your contact with water, or your perspiration,” states Dr. Adam Mamelak. “The higher the frequency, the more you need to reapply sunscreen.” There are tinted sunscreens that can help make your make up battle easier, as they have a slight pigment that can be used like a concealer.

Try this go-to guide for maintaining clean and happy skin, especially during the summer months! It is always important to make sure that you are aware of the products that you are applying to your skin. Some are not as skin conscious as others, and it is always good to consult your dermatologist to guarantee that you are treating your skin the way it deserves to be treated.

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