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Accutane: The Top 5 Tips to Care for Your Skin

Accutane: The Top 5 Tips to Care for Your Skin

When you have acne that has not responded well to other treatments, your dermatologist may choose to prescribe Accutane. This medication is used to treat severe acne to clear the breakouts and reduce the associated risks of scarring. Accutane works by decreasing oil production.

When you are taking Accutane, there are several things you should be aware of to take proper care of your skin and reduce your risk of potential side effects.

Wear a Sunscreen

The most common side effect of Accutane is increased sun sensitivity. This can cause you to burn much easier than you normally would. “I suggest patients wear a sunscreen of with an SPF of 30 or more,” notes Jennifer Jordan, physician assistant at the Pflugerville and Steiner Ranch locations of Sanova Dermatology.  “Preferably a physical sunscreen, one containing zinc oxide as chemical sunscreens tend to sting when applied to Accutane treated skin,” she continues. Also be sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and keep covered. Sunscreen should be worn whenever you are going to be outdoors.

 Use a Gentle Non-Foaming Cleanser

Accutane can cause your skin to become dry and flaky. “You will want to be sure to use a non-foaming skin cleanser, since anything that foams can further dry your skin,” Jordan says. Look for a creamy cleanser specifically made for dry, sensitive skin.

Apply a Moisturizer

Dry, flaky skin can actually cause clogged pores, so it is important to keep your skin moisturized. Even the best moisturizers won’t work well if you are dehydrated. Be sure that you are drinking at least 64 oz of fluids each day.

Use A Lip Balm

Your lips can become dry and chapped while taking Accutane. Use a nourishing lip treatment to combat the dryness. A product containing SPF 30 is recommended. “Avoid licking your lips, as this will also promote chapping,” Jordan suggests.

No Waxing Face or Eyebrows

Your skin will be sensitive while taking Accutane, therefore heated wax can be more painful than usual. You can still rely on shaving, plucking or PDO thread treatment to remove unwanted hair.

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Your dermatologist is the best source of advice for the specific skincare products you should be using while taking Accutane. In Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas, contact Sanova Dermatology. We can provide all of your cosmetic medical and surgical skin care needs.