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Calendula: Marigolds Help Promote Healthy Skin

Have you gone natural with your skin care? Ever wonder exactly what that infused essential oil or extract in your tincture came from? Well there’s a good chance it’s Calendula. Calendula is also known as the pot marigold – an all-natural herbal ingredient that has been used for centuries in skin care as well as to treat digestive ailments and menstrual symptoms.

The skinny on this herbal remedy? Calendula possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities, which is what makes it great for issues like acne, eczema, irritated skin and rashes, including diaper rash. With its high concentration of carotenoids, calendula promotes skin healing. Calendula also contains sterols which promote the skin cell growth, keeping it plump and rejuvenated. In addition, being high in flavonoids, this herb protects the skin from free radical damage and the aging process. All of these components work together to give calendula its powerful healing properties in the skin.

Nowadays, you don’t have to dry out your calendula flowers to take advantage of this natural skin treatment. Calendula extract tincture can be found in local grocery stores, but don’t be surprised if you find this in your skin care products already!