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Cutera Enlighten Laser: Treats More than the Unwanted Tattoo with PICO Genesis

Here in the United States, nearly half of us have unwanted colored patches on our skin. Maybe it’s a birthmark, or maybe it’s the dreaded dark spots we start to notice as we get older. Today a laser, first made popular by its ability to remove tattoos, is treating other unwanted markings as well.

PICO Genesis works on the surface of the skin, in the epidermis. It also works deeper into the skin to the dermal layer. “Depending on your particular concerns, it’s entirely possible that PICO Genesis could fade your pigmentation issues to little more than a distant memory,” shares Angie Pennington, aesthetician and licensed laser technician at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas.

  • Hyperpigmentation is very common and is usually harmless. “The excess pigment, called melanin, causes patches of skin that are darker than surrounding skin,” explains Pennington. “Caused by sun damage, it’s fairly common as we get older and often strikes women as they are approaching menopause,” she continues. Skin is not as well protected as hormones change and may turn darker in areas previously exposed. Over-the-counter fade creams can only help so much. PICO Genesis is more effective.
  • Melasma Similar in appearance to hyperpigmentation, melasma often runs deeper into the skin. Previous treatment was more focused on controlling the condition rather than treating it. Melasma is often brought on by pregnancy or medications. It can also be triggered by thyroid problems. The dark patches can get quite large and are often the most noticeable on the forehead and cheeks
  • Skin rejuvenation and brightening Some of the skin issues we would like faded away make us feel like our skin is dull or lifeless. PICO Genesis works to brighten the skins overall appearance, removing freckles, or age spots and can help make your face appear rejuvenated and fresh.

With the PICO Genesis system, there is less chance of scarring, minimal discomfort. and no downtime.

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