Glo Minerals |The Corrective Camouflage Kit for Skin Blemishes and Post Procedure Cover Up

Makeup continues to evolve and nowadays, with the right technique, a simple cover up can make you shine. Sanova Dermatology has recently teamed up with Glo Minerals, and now offers a fantastic way to camouflage redness, dark spots, acne blemishes and other texture irregularities on the skin!

“While I work with my patients to correct their acne scars and treat their rosacea, sometimes makeup is a good and realistic initial step in improving an appearance,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert in Austin, Texas.”Covering up skin conditions and irregularities has a significant positive psychological impact on my patients.”

The key to camouflage is color. Color can keep your skin beautiful and complexion even no matter the situation!


“When using the corrective camouflage kit, the opposite color can be used to balance the skin tone out,” shares Dr. Hanson. That being said, yellow is a great cover up for bruising,  dark spots, mild redness, and under-eye circles.


The calming green color is great for neutralizing redness in the skin. Blemishes, scars, Rosacea, and Port Wine Stains would fall into this category. “This is also a fantastic option for patients looking to minimize the redness after a laser skin resurfacing.


A purple-tinted concealer will help with a variety of skin woes including under-eye circles in darker skin tones. It can also assist with yellow, gray and green bruises. This can be helpful to those who experience bruising after skin surgery, blepharoplasty or the light bruising that can take place after dermal fillers.


The most natural of the camouflages kit’s colors is neutral, which can be used similar to a regular cover-up or concealer.

A brush can be used to apply the camouflage to affected the area or over entire face depending on desired result. After application, it is suggested that you use Glo Minerals pressed base or liquid foundation that is matched to your skin tone to offer a well-rounded and even appearance.

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