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How Often Can I Get Microneedling Treatments?

How Often Can I Get Microneedling Treatments?

Microneedling TreatmentsMany people have made microneedling treatments a regular part of their skincare regimen, and for good reason. The better care they take of their skin, the longer their complexion will be smooth, firm, and younger-looking. If you’re considering microneedling for the first time, services like this PRP Plasma Therapy in Munster IN can answer all your questions.

How Does Microneedling Work?

“Microneedling is a great procedure that is used to build up the skin’s most important support structure, collagen,” notes Dr. Kimberly Finder, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert at Sanova Dermatology in San Antonio. “As we age, collagen production slows down, forcing our existing collagen to work harder and longer before it’s replaced or repaired,” she continues. The result is looser skin that’s more prone to fine lines and wrinkles, and texture and tone imperfections.

One method of keeping your skin producing a healthy collagen network is stimulating your body’s healing response. Microneedling creates a series of pinprick injuries, and your skin goes to work creating new cells and new collagen to replace damaged cells and weakened collagen fibers that have stretched and torn over time. “The addition of condition-specific serums can increase the effectiveness of your treatment and help your skin become touchably smooth, firm, and youthfully radiant,” Dr. Finder shares. Repeated treatments of RF Microneedling in Bourbonnais, IL or Morpheus8 treatment in Virginia Beach, VA have a cumulative effect on your collagen network, so the more treatments you have, the better your skin looks.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Microneedling can correct a variety of flaws, including skin laxity, enlarged pores, acne scarring, sun damage and pigmentation issues, fine lines and wrinkles, and texture concerns. Nearly anyone, regardless of skin tone or condition, is a good candidate.

What is Treatment Like?

Your microneedling session just like RF Microneedling Treatment begins with a thorough cleanse of your skin and the application of topical numbing cream, so you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. A serum is applied and the microneedling device is passed over your skin to create microscopic punctures, e.g., prp injections. “Your serums are more thoroughly infused while your skin goes to work repairing itself,” emphasizes Dr. Finder. Each session lasts around 30 minutes, and other than some redness and sensitivity, you won’t experience much in the way of downtime. You may experience some mild flaking as old skin is replaced with new, healthy tissues. Most people see some improvement after the first session, with results peaking about 4-6 weeks following the final treatment.

How Often Can I Get Microneedling Treatments?

It is safe to have microneedling treatments performed every 4-6 weeks. Depending on your skin condition and your aesthetic goals, your provider may recommend a series of treatments to fully achieve the results you’re after. “For people looking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, firm up and tighten skin, and improve skin’s texture, 3 treatments are recommended,” Dr. Finder says. Patients with acne scarring, deeper lines, or pigmentation issues may need 4-6 treatments or more to fully realize the desired outcome. 1-2 treatments of acne treatment in Charlotte, NC per year after your initial planned sessions are complete can help you maintain your results for the long term.

Sometimes, the products you can buy over-the-counter just aren’t strong enough and don’t go deep enough to get to the source of your skin’s problems. Microneedling such as RF microneedling in La Mesa, CA is the option many people turn to when going to professional centers such as before considering stronger treatments.