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It’s The MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year… For Aesthetic and Laser Procedures!

It’s The MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year… For Aesthetic and Laser Procedures!

Although most of the Winter holidays have passed, there is still plenty of Winter time and weather to take advantage of! This makes it a great time to finally act on those urges to partake in aesthetic procedures to benefit, improve and rejuvenate your skin.

So… What makes Winter so wonderful?

Girl readingIt’s not that old box of sweaters or an excuse to drink endless streams of hot chocolate. During the great hibernation season, we tend to be more bundled up, and that means less contact between the skin and the rays of the sun. “Chemical peels and many laser procedures require patients to stay out of the sun for a week or two after treatment,” states Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Cosmetic Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. “while we know that is nearly impossible here in Texas, our winter wardrobe often keeps us covered up, exposing less skin and allowing for the greatest post-procedure success.”

Laser Hair Removal and IPL (fotofacials) for sunspot removal procedures both require that your skin be free of a tan. “In some ways, lasers work on contrast,” explains Dr. Adam Mamelak, board-certified dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology. “Lasers target different pigmented structures in the skin. But are used at much lower energies and over a greater number of treatment sessions if there’s background skin pigmentation, such as a tan.”

“During the colder months we are less likely to have been laying out by the pool,” states Dr. Hanson. Also, after knowing how unhealtWoman getting laser face treatment in medical spa centerhy it is to use a tanning bed, the skin should be bright and right for lasers to focus on hair follicles or sun damaged areas of the skin.

Wintertime is also a popular time to have sclerotherapy for the treatment of unwanted spider veins and varicose veins on the legs. The injection of Asclera and other agents into visible varicose and spider veins causes those vessels to collapse, while compression helps  prohibit veins from resorting to their original state.

Don’t wait until shirts and dresses are back in season. “Many patients choose the fall and winter months to treat their spider veins. It’s well know that wearing compression hose after sclerotherapy optimizes the outcome,” notes Dr. Mamelak  “It’s also really hard to convince patients to wear hot tights in the Texas summer!”

Cosmetic laser procedures can offer exponentially effective results for those who properly follow pre- and post-procedure instructions. This Winter, let the weather make it even easier for you to make a positive impact on your skin!

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