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Product Spotlight: NeoCutis Bio•Serum

Product Spotlight: NeoCutis Bio•Serum

NeoCutis prides itself on being an innovative skin care line that uses laboratory and clinical research to help manage some of the most difficult and undesirable skin conditions. Whether its dry skin, redness, pigment abnormalities, fine lines, or age related skin changes, Neocutis employs a number of active agents, peptides and growth factors to help restore the skin to a more natural and youthful state.

“Peptides are one of the key ingredients in NeoCutis products,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist and aesthetic skin care expert in Austin, Texas. “Known in their products as PSP®, these proteins and growth factors promote healing, which in turn work revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.”

BIO•SERUM is one of NeoCutis’s unique products, containing the highest concentration of PSP® and pro-collagen building blocks compared to any one of their other skin care preparations. The idea is to deliver noticeable, more youthful looking skin, over less prolonged periods of time.

NeoCutis BIO•SERUM can be used daily to specifically improve:

NeoCutis BIOSERUM can be used on all skin types. It is non-acne forming and free of any fragrances or colors that can cause irritation in some individuals.

“Skin care can be an essential part in reaching your goals,” says Dr. Hanson. Dr. Hanson sees and treats patient at Sanova Dermatology, were she advises patients on the best care and management tips for their skin and skin conditions.

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