Retinol & Retinoids To Turn Back The Clock On Your Skin!

Having beautiful and glowing skin can be achieved with retinol and retinoids, but are these products suitable for everyone? What exactly is retinol and how does it work? These are all important questions!

Retinol – The Basics

“Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and has been used to treat acne, but it has been recently shown also to help decrease wrinkles and fine lines,” shares Misty Gray, RN and aesthetic expert at Sanova Dermatology in Pflugerville, TexasWrinkles and fine lines begin to occur due to a decrease in collagen, which usually starts in the middle 20’s. Retinol increases the blood flow to the skin which will ultimately improve collagen production.

  • When retinol is applied directly to the skin, the basal cells which are the lowest level of skin will start to divide.
  • This division activates new epidermal cells to migrate to the skin surface.
  • More new cells appear on the surface which sheds the excess causing the exfoliation process to occur.

Retinoids for wrinkles such as Tretinoin, the first retinoid approved by the FDA to treat wrinkles, can assist the body by increasing the ability to make more collagen and stimulates new blood vessels in the skin creating that glowing appearance.

Retinol – The Complications

The high activity of skin cells that accompany the use of retinol comes with a price. Because the skin cells are rapidly producing, they lack the adhesion and lipid production to protect the skin, which is why skin is so sensitive when using retinol. “Skin becomes very sensitive to sunlight so using products containing enough SPF is mandatory when using retinol,” shares Gray.

  • The top layer of our skin is the primary barrier to protect and keep environmental problems away.
  • The more retinol used, the weaker that barrier becomes.
  • Issues such as peeling, flaking, and irritation may occur.

In Conclusion

Balance is the key to life and your skin. Using products such as retinol and retinoids can help turn back the clock. By utilizing some necessary precautions along the way, the road to having beautiful and glowing skin is just a thin barrier away.

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