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Skin Care Regimen, Step 1: Cleansers

The options available in skin care today are far and wide, and include everything in between. But by knowing the skin care basics, you can guarantee that you’re getting the most out of your skin care routine.

First, you’ll need to pre-cleanse before you get started with anything else. Getting the makeup off your face will unblock pores so they will be able to be fully cleansed. Plus, not cleaning off old makeup will lead to pimples, blackheads, premature aging, and a dulling complexion, which are definitely not part of a good skin care regimen!

A skin care regimen is also very personal; everyone’s skin is unique! We’ll outline the basic types of pre-cleansers, so you can choose one that meets your skin type’s needs.

All Skin Types

  • Oil-based makeup remover: These makeup removers are great for removing makeup. It works when the hydrophilic (bonds with other oil) oil molecules attract the residue left behind by your makeup. When you apply water to wash it off, it pulls with it all of the leftover makeup clogging your pores!
  • Makeup wipes: Some makeup wipes can be used for both makeup removal and eye cleanser. They are a fast and easy way to take off your makeup if you’re in a pinch for time.

Sensitive Skin

  • Makeup removing water: This is a great option for sensitive skin because it is an extremely mild cleanser and can be used any amount of times. Makeup artists use makeup removing water for runway shows and on models because it is the lightest possible solution to removing makeup.

One product that is great for all skin types, including sensitive and intolerant skin, is Neocutis Neo-Cleanse Gentle and Exfoliating Skin Cleanser. It helps improve skin tone and texture, and glycerin helps to hydrate. It’s also ideal for post-procedure cleansing and rosacea prone skin.