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The Hat is Back!

Texans have known about the benefits of wearing a hat since the days of the cowboy. And, now the hat is back, with celebs and fashionistas showing how to wear them right! Wide brimmed hats can offer better protection for your skin that sunscreen. Plus, they can protect the scalp from burns and sun damage. Hats truly are a great and fashionable way to protect your skin from the sun!

Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean hat season has past. Here are some great hats and visors to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays here in Texas:

Straw Visor, Nordstrom, $28
Ruffled Sunhat, Anthropologie, $48

Dorfman Pacific Narrow Braid Raffia Hat, Tahoe Mountain Sports, $39.95
Dorfman Pacific Cotton Bucket Hat, Tahoe Mountain Sports, $24.95

Across Oceans Bucket Hat, Anthropologie, $48