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What Can A Steam & Extractions Do For My Skin?

Forget fish pedicures, snail facials, and the other latest and greatest skin care trends. Steam and extractions are almost considered a standard among aestheticians and beauty experts for its undisputed benefits for your skin and complexion.

Why Should I Steam My Face?

steamerSteaming your face and skin is pretty much exactly as it sounds. A specialized skin steamer is used to deliver warm, moist air to the skin, which allows the pores to open. By doing this, an optimal environment for a deep cleansing of the skin is created. By temporarily widening the pores, we can deliver more nutrients, anti-oxidants,  and other rejuvenating agents, while also increasing our ability to remove impurities trapped deep within the layers of the skin.

What Are Extractions?

After the face has been steamed and the skin becomes more relaxed, an extractor is used to mechanically rid the skin of dirt, bacteria and other impurities trapped within the pores. A tool is used to extract acne lesions, such as open comedones (blackheads) & closed comedones (whiteheads), and the debris that block the pores.

Can You Combine Stream & Extractions With Other Aesthetic Procedures?

Steam & extractions are actually suggested as a first step for multiple aesthetic treatments. By opening up the pores, you are able to deliver aesthetic products deeper in the skin, thus allowing for stronger effects. For example, the active agents in chemical peels are better able to permeate, exfoliate the skin, stimulate collagen production and improve the tone and texture of the skin. Facials also share a similar benefit as they remove layers of exfoliated skin and loosen debris, offering a more refreshed appearance post-procedure.

How Frequently Should I Get Extractions?

Generally, monthly steam and extraction session are recommended. The actual frequency can vary with each person’s individual skin type and response to treatment. These service are often offered as an option when patients come in for their monthly facial or peel.

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