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What’s Up With UPF? Top 10 Protective Looks for the Safe Summer Fashionista

What’s Up With UPF? Top 10 Protective Looks for the Safe Summer Fashionista

You may not know it, but you probably own clothing made with UPF. “This clothing is starting to make a real impact,” claims Dr. Adam Mamelak, board-certified dermatologist and Mohs micrographic surgeon in Austin, Texas, “especially with the rise in skin cancer cases in the United States.” Most agree, increasing your protection from UV radiation and decreasing your risks for sun damage is a good idea. So why not make your clothing work for your skin as well.

What is UPF Clothing?

Unique Pretty Fashions? Ultimate Puffy Fabrics? Ultra Preppy Fedoras? Not exactly.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, meaning it blocks those dangerous UV rays the sun blasts down on us. “There is a rating system, as with sunscreen, that designates the effectiveness of the fabric to shield your skin from UV rays,” states Dr. Mamelak. “Your goal is to wear clothing with a UPF of 15 or higher, giving you the most protection that it can,” Dr. Mamelak adds. “Believe it or not, the piece of clothing with one of the highest UPF ratings is your trusty pair of blue jeans with a UPF rating over 100,” he states. Many brands and stores already carry clothing specifically made for sun protection, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, and many department stores.

Who Needs UPF Clothing?

“As with sunscreen, UPF clothing is a must for anyone who plans on being outdoors or in the sun for long stretches of time,” says Dr. Mamelak. Children have very sensitive skin and are definite candidates for use of UPF clothing. Those who are fair skinned and prone to sunburn are also suggested to wear as well.

1. Athleta – Pacifica UPF Shirt

For under $50 you can have this stylish beach top, that looks great with shorts and is also lightweight. This allows you to feel comfortable and cool, while safeguarding your skin!


2. REI – Men’s & Women’s REI Brand Clothing

REI is doing it right, offering the majority of their self-branded clothing line with SPF 50+! They have many styles and many are quite fashionable and effective!


























3. Frolic Fair

If you are looking for basic staples in your wardrobe, offers UPF 40+ classic tees for your enjoyment!











4. Coolibar

Coolibar offers a great selection of colors for your sun protective wardrobe! With pieces for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls, no one is left out when trying to keep themselves covered and cool!

03851_999_9 coolibar woman











5. Mott 50

Mott 50’s motto is sun protective fashion, and they deliver a great selection of in-style options for covering up on the beach without seeming out of place!

Mott 50 niallnavy2_1 Mott 50











6. Solumbra/Sun Precautions

Whether you are hoping to enjoy a lovely sunrise yoga session at the beach, or you are wanting to enjoy a mid day dip in the ocean, Sun Precautions offers many great tops, swimsuits, and pants for everyone in the family!

14700-1(gph)-locshot sun precautions17020-1(smr)-locshot











7. J Crew

Who doesn’t love a great classic enssemble? J Crew offers a great swim collection, which includes rash gaurds/swim tops with UPF 50 rating!

J Crew Man J Crew Rash Gaurd











8. Parasol

This UV conscious clothing line is now carried at Neiman Marcus, and makes it a goal to offer protection while still being fun and non-restrictive!

parasol clothing

9. Patagonia

A leader in the outdoor apparel world, Patagonia offers various styles for any outdoor need. Whether you are looking to camp, hike, fish, swim, or just spend a day out, you know they have you covered!

patagoniaWomens-Short-Sleeve-Outpacer-Shirt-Pineapple-Damselfly2 SHILF-P-54255-310. Brelli

These intriguing umbrellas are a great addition to a walk, beach trip, or a backyard hangout. They block 99% of UVA and UVB rays and are good rain or shine! Who wouldn’t want to be THAT covered?

















These are just a few good suggestions to get your summer wardrobe ready! If you find any UPF clothing you think we should know about, share it with us on twitter @DrAdamMamelak or @DrMiriamHanson or on our Facebook or Google+ Page!

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