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IPL Fotofacials for Removal of Dark Spots

IMG_2350We often grow accustomed to the minor pigmentation flaws that appear on our skin, whether it be age spots or sun-spots. There tends to not be any way to change these, so why bother worrying? Contrary to this belief, there is a way to treat and lessen the visible effects or remove these spots on the skin. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also known as a “fotofacial”, has the ability to pull the unwanted pigmentation to the surface leaving a more even skin tone.

“The fotofacial process is a pretty exciting one,” notes Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. The area of treatment is first numbed, to ensure patients remain comfortable during the entire procedure. A cooling gel is placed over the skin which also allows the fotofacial light to conduct better into the skin. The intense pulsed light is then targeted to the areas of concern.

“The skin is usually slightly red and inflamed after treatment,” explains Dr. Hanson. “This typically lasts about 24 hours.” Shortly after this time, the darkened areas and pigmented spots make their way to the outer layer of skin, and ultimately peel off.

“We call them ‘coffee grounds’ on the skin,” Dr. Hanson notes. These represent the treated pigmented areas that have been brought the skin surface. As mentioned, these spots then fall off, just as dry skin cells would, and leave the skin looking clearer and more even. At the same time, the light promotes the collagen in the skin to rebuild a healthy and less-pigmented or area of skin.

This process can take more than one or even a small series of treatments to obtain the best and long lasting results. The procedure varies on the severity of the pigmentation, and the area of treatment. Individuals with freckles, sun spots, lentigos, acne scars, broken blood vessels and rosacea may benefit from this treatment.

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