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V-Beam Pulse Dyes Laser Treats Red Veins Around the Nose

V-Beam Pulse Dyes Laser Treats Red Veins Around the Nose

If you have really visible red veins around your nose and want to be rid of them, you should consider a V-Beam pulse dye laser treatment. “Broken blood vessels are common on the face, especially around the nose and nasal creases,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, skin care and cosmetic expert in Austin, Texas. These prominent blood vessels, or telangiectasias as they are referred to by dermatologists, can arise for a number of reasons. “We can see them in patients with sun damage and rosacea, or simply because their parents had them and now they are developing them as well.”

scentingIf you even considered a laser treatment, you should understand what a V-Beam laser actually is and how it works. The V-Beam is a type of vascular laser therapy that works by destroying red color components in the skin. This means that the red blood vessels and tiny veins that become prominent on your skin and around your nose can be targeted and treated.

“The V-Beam pulse dye is a yellow laser light that specifically targets red blood vessels,” explains Dr. Hanson. Once it has targeted those vessels with heat it destroys them, helping to eliminate those red veins around your nose. “Additionally, our V-Beam system adds a cooling component to the treatment.” This means that right before the heat is applied, there is a cold burst to the surrounding layers of skin, which helps to allow only the targeted blood vessels to be eliminated while still keeping the surrounding skin healthy and undamaged.

If you suffer from red veins around your nose and are looking for a treatment to eliminate them, you should consider this procedure. With the ability to target only the blood vessels that you want eliminated and keep the surrounding skin healthy and damage free, the V-Beam laser treatment is likely to be your best option.

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