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Your Medical Patient Portal

Your Medical Patient Portal 

Sanova Dermatology’s Medical Patient Portal is designed to work for you. Using the Portal, you can view your records, enter medical information, and send messages to your provider. Missed our call? Don’t play phone tag with our nurses. All biopsy and lab results will be published on the patient portal within 7-10 days of your office visit. Need a refill? All prescription refill requests can be submitted directly through the Portal. 

Logging On 

  1. Type the URL below into your browser window. DO NOT type www or https in front of the URL. 
  2. Log in with your username and password 
  3. First time? A link will be emailed to you at the time of your first patient visit. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set your own password. The email link will expire in 24 hours. If the link has expired, you can use the “forgot password” link on the login page. If you do not have a username or password, please contact your preferred location

Utilizing the Patient Portal 

Through the Portal, patients can view and modify their medications, allergies, pharmacy, past medical history, skin disease history, social history, and family history

  • For example, to add a pharmacy, select Pharmacy  Search.
  • Enter as much criteria as possible and click  “Search.” Click the blue link to add the pharmacy. 

Your contact information and insurance information can be viewed; however, you must contact the clinic by phone to make changes or corrections. 

Your Visit Info 

Patients can view their visit notes, educational handouts, and any test results the provider has posted.

My Health 

  • To view records, select the date in blue pertaining to the visit you’d like to view under “Visit Date.”
  • To view the Education Handout of that visit, select the “Patient Education” link after clicking on the Visit Note.

Tests and Results 

  • Select the date in BLUE to view the pathology report. 
  • Select the blue information bubble to the right of the result, to view more information on this diagnosis.
  • Select Compose to generate an Intramail to your provider. 

Contact Us  

Need a refill? Have a question only your doctor can answer? Patients can send messages to their providers and receive messages from their providers. 

  • Select the date in blue to view the Intramail. 
  • Select New Message to generate a new  

Intramail to your provider