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How Do You Avoid Looking Frozen with Botox? The Top Four Ways

How Do You Avoid Looking Frozen with Botox? The Top Four Ways

While the popularity of Botox Cosmetic has grown significantly since its introduction as an effective treatment for fine lines and worry lines, many people fear what some call the “frozen face” look. “Doesn’t Botox paralyze muscles?” “I don’t like my wrinkles but I don’t want that stiff, unnatural looking result.” The frozen look is something that looks fine on mannequins, but not on people. How do you avoid looking frozen with Botox?  There are several ways.

Experienced Injector

Portrait of beautiful girl with frost on face“Before receiving Botox injections, it is important to make sure the person who administers the product is specially trained, and that he or she has extensive experience with giving the injections,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, dermatologist and cosmetic expert in Austin, Texas. Since Botox is a pharmaceutical drug, the person who injects it should also be a licensed professional.

Individualized Treatments

Since no two individuals have exactly the same number of wrinkles, muscular structure, or the same facial expressions, the “cookie cutter” approach to injecting Botox should be avoided. Your injector should have the knowledge and training to design individualized treatments as needed.

Correct Dosage

One of the primary causes of the frozen look results from using too much Botox during a treatment.  “The person who injects the Botox should be the best qualified to determine the number of units that should be used to treat one’s wrinkles and give the most natural look,” says Emily Johnston, certified physician assistant at Sanova Dermatology. This number is chosen based on many factors, including the area to be treated, the patient’s facial anatomy, severity of the wrinkles and others.

Less is More

When treating patients with Botox, less is sometimes more. It’s often more effective to under treat fine lines, and to administer touch ups periodically, than to over treat,” explains Dr. Hanson. “It’s very easy to add more. It’s much harder to take away.” This practice will result in a naturally relaxed look rather than a stiff, frozen-looking face.

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