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What is a BOTOX Brow Lift?

What is a BOTOX Brow Lift?

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Do friends ask you why you always look angry? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to open up and brighten your eyes? Over time, certain individuals experience a heaviness or look of drowsiness around the brow and eyelids. It may appear as if the brows are heavy and lower on the face. The upper eyelids become hooded, creating a tired look. Is this you?

Plastic surgery can certainly fix this problem, but there are alternatives. If you do not want surgery, it is possible that a Botox brow lift is a good option for you.

B-T-X Brightener

“It’s really quite simple,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, dermatologist and cosmetic expert in Austin, Texas. The Botox brow lift actually lifts the eyebrows with a simple injection. “By relaxing the muscles that pull our eyebrows down, make us squint or furrow our brow, we can actually open up the eyes, brightening up our face and make us look more rested and rejuvenated.” The procedure’s goal is to reshape the brow and, over time, retrain the brow muscles from their habitual downward pull.

Botox cannot tighten loose or sagging skin. However, it is useful in relaxing those muscles pulling the forehead down. These facial muscles of the brow and eyelid, when relaxed with Botox, appear lifted.

“There is a group of facial muscles that work as ‘brow depressors,’ and pull the brow down,” explains Dr. Hanson. When using correct dosing and proper techniques, Botox relaxes these brow muscles, giving them a naturally lifted look. A Botox brow lift, done properly, can smooth crow’s feet and refresh eyes in a way that looks natural. “For any additional correction, I might recommend a filler to help lift the tail of the brow, or correct the eyebrow shape.”

In the hands of an expert, one should not worry about looking “over done” or unnatural. The goal is to look more youthful and less tired. A Botox brow lift takes minutes, and the average results last 4-6 months. Additionally, Botox can delay the need for brow lift surgery, or even help accelerate healing if surgery has been performed.

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