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How To Amplify & Protect The Results Of Your IPL Treatment!

How To Amplify & Protect The Results Of Your IPL Treatment!

Fotofacials utilize laser technology to draw sun-damaged skin cells to the surface and out of the skin. This can be done in as little as one treatment and many notice a significant result after treatment. Is there anything that you can do to both amplify and protect the results of your IPL treatment?

Chemical Peels

After successfully completing your IPL treatment plan, there may still be opportunity for superficial chemical peel to assist in achieving a more even skin tone. “Chemical peels can be a great addition to IPL, as they can assist in accelerating skin cell turnover,” explains Amy Bowen, Aesthetician and licensed laser technician at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. By helping the skin remove excess dead skin cells, you can achieve the goal of glowing bright skin.


Sunscreen pairs well with… anything,” encourages Amy. Especially after laser and light treatments, the skin can be very vulnerable to the sun. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis is the most important thing you can do, weather you are going to be in direct sunlight or not.


Along with sunscreen, antioxidants are extremely important for safeguarding the skin from UV rays and free radicals. When the skin is not protected, free radicals are able to disrupt the molecular structure of the skin and cause change with texture and tone. Applying antioxidants to the skin can boost your defense from the sun and from any further damage that could undo the work of your IPL treatments.


Retinoids increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen and elastin, and help fade unwanted pigmentation. Because of all this healthy cell turnover, retinol can treat and prevent everything from acne to sun-induced wrinkles and dark spots. But don’t forget retinoids do make you photosensitive. Therefore, they must be paired with sunscreen.