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Time On Your Hands?


Woman's hands in moisturizer creamHands of Time

The hands can show the signs of age, almost as much as other areas on the face and skin.”The hands are almost always exposed and therefore are subjected to UV rays and other harmful environmental factors that can damage the skin as much as the face and other areas,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Dermatologist with expertise in aesthetic skin care in Austin, Texas.

Whether its wrinkles, dark age spots or liver spots, or a “boney” appearance, the hands lose their fullness and uniform texture just like other areas on the body. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to rejuvenate the hands and offer a more youthful appearance. So wave hello to the brand new trend of hand rejuvenation!

Filler for Hand Rejuvenation

Volume loss occurs in the skin over time and the skin on the hands is no different. Hands can lose their fullness over time, leaving the hands looking a bit more skeletal with protruding veins and bones. This thin skin and gaunt appearance can be seen as a sign of aging. “There have been quite a few patients that come in wanting to restore their youthful skin,” says Dr. Hanson. When discussing the face, filler is used to “plump” the skin and offer that suppleness that it loses over time. This approach can also work for the hands. Dermal fillers strategically placed just under the skin can restore the skin’s plumpness and hide those bones and ligaments. “The filler process can help to fill in those areas that show more veins and tendons than you would like,” Dr. Hanson shares.

IPL for Hand Rejuvenation

IPL, typically used for fotofacials, is a great treatment for hands that look aged due to sun damage or age-spots. “Women looking to take engagement, anniversary, or family photos often notice little things that can be the “tell-tale” signs of aging,” notes Dr. Hanson. IPL treatments will help to target those spots on your hands that can make your hands seemed weathered, and bring them to the surface. Even with a single treatment you can begin to see a large difference in the amount of spots or darkness as it creates “coffee grounds” that will slough off of the skin. This will help to even the tone of your hands, and restore an overall youthful appearance.

Chemical Peels for Hand Rejuvenation

Not just for the face, chemical peels can be beneficial for your hands, just as they are for the arms, chest, back and other body areas. Chemical peels help with exfoliating the outer layer of skin. “Often the outer layer of skin can become dry, tough, and aged from our many tasks and activities throughout the day,” says Dr. Hanson. A peel can immensely rejuvenate this skin. “Not only can a peel improve the texture of the skin, they can also help fade dark marks and tighten some of the laxity we develop in this area over time. Not to mention a softer and more even tone.”

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