What Factors Affect CoolSculpting® Cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting® varies based on each patient’s treatment plan as well as the provider. At Sanova Dermatology, the total you can expect to pay will depend upon a number of factors, including the size of the target area, the number of areas to be treated, and the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired results. When you come in for your consultation, your doctor will provide you with a personalized quote so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Although CoolSculpting® is not a substitute for surgical procedures, such as liposuction, many people discover they are good candidates for the non-invasive contouring treatment. These individuals may find CoolSculpting® to be a more affordable option compared to surgical fat reduction procedures. With significantly less pain and downtime, CoolSculpting® makes achieving a toned body a more realistic solution to their aesthetic concerns.

During your consultation, you will have the chance to ask questions and express any concerns you may have about the treatment. This is also a great time to inquire about our financing options, should you be interested in turning your CoolSculpting® cost into more manageable monthly payments.

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