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Aftercare For Juvederm Voluma Treatment

Bring back your cheeks!

Juvederm Voluma is regarded as one of the best go to’s for mid face rejuvenation. This robust dermal filler can restore volume and provide a pick me up for hollows and gravity impaired cheeks.  The results are impressive and a more youthful appearance can be seen immediately after the procedure. “Finding an experienced and skilled injector is crucial with these cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic skin care expert in Austin, Texas. “But there are a few simple aftercare steps can help maximize your results and minimize any downtime associated with your treatment.”

Take It Easy

“After your appointment, it’s recommended to avoid strenuous exercise or working out until the following day,” advises Dr. Hanson. “Sleeping with your head up and avoiding Aspirin and Ibuprofen also helps ensure the best results.” Visiting the dentist in the first few days after your procedure is discouraged, to ensure nothing interferes with the filler placement. These simple things can help prevent any swelling or product movement.


Pretty brunette relaxing at the weekendThe most common reaction after undergoing  dermal filler treatment is slight redness and swelling. “Certain areas on the face are more sensitive, like the lips and the areas around the mouth,” notes Emily Johnston, certified physician assistant at Sanova Dermatology. In general, any swelling quickly subsides after the treatment, but a cold compress or ice pack is a great way to help alleviate any issues. Some patients will take Arnica or Bromelain supplements to further minimize any bruising and swelling after treatment.


In some cases, patients may experience small bumps at the injection site. “It’s usually swelling, similar to a bug bite, which resolve quite quickly. Patients should resist massaging the area as it can affect the filler placement,” says Dr. Hanson. If any bump persists after a few days, you should  contact your Dermatologist for a follow-up assessment.

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