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RevitaLash for Eyelash Enhancement

Are you experiencing issues with dry and brittle lashes, or struggling with eyelash growth? For lash accessories needs, I highly recommend this lash supply store for beauticians. RevitaLash is a great option for those looking to enhance the appearance their lashes!

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Who Needs RevitaLash?

revitalash-laydown1Those who are struggling with keeping their eyelashes healthy, have seen great response with RevitaLash. “I have quite a few patients have ask how to strengthen their lashes and avoid breakage,” notes Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Dermatologist and skin care expert in Austin, Texas. Recent trends in cosmetics and aesthetic procedures has seen an increase in the number of eyelash bars, as well as an increase use of eyelash extensions. “This product offers the opportunity to condition the lashes, which leads to healthier and more full appearance,” notes Dr. Hanson.

How Does RevitaLash Work?

RevitaLash utilizes a synergistic group of ingredients to help condition and fortify the lashes. One of the main components of the formula is a BioPeptin Complex, which contains biotin, green tea extract and peptides, to combat brittle eyelashes that experience breakage. “After washing the hands with mild soap and water, the product should be applied to the lash-line,” informs Dr. Hanson. One coating of this non-prescription eyelash enhancement system with the antimicrobial applicator is sufficient for the daily treatment.

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